Reloop RMX-60 DJ Mixer Digital

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Reloop RMX-60 DJ Mixer Digital

Review Summary:

This is basically a good value traditional DJ mixer for DJs who can’t or won’t pay the extra for a roughly equivalent Pioneer mixer. It is well built, full sized, and feels much like using any such standard club gear.


  • RMX-60
  • Rating:4
  • From: Reloop
  • Price: US$799
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  • On February 8, 2016
  • Last modified:February 8, 2016

In today’s review we take a look at Reloop’s traditional four-channel club mixer that comes with onboard effects and channel filters.


If you’re looking to build a DJ set-up at home that’s similar to the type of gear you find in the clubs, then you’re probably weighing up the costs and features of a whole range of DJ mixers, media players and so on. If so, the Reloop RMX-60 might be one mixer that interest you. Let’s take a closer look…

First impressions and setting up

RMX-60 Rear

The RMX-60 comes with inputs and outputs you’d come to expect in modern club mixers. Note that the USB port is just for firmware updates, not as a sound card connection.

It feels awfully much like a Pioneer DJ mixer when you pick it up, meaning it’s the same size, and is built to similar high standards, in an all-metal casing with high quality knobs and faders. Round the back are all the expected inputs and outputs (four channels, including two phono; XLR and TRS master/booth, plus RCA record and master outs), although there is no FX send/return (you’ll have to fork out extra for the RMX-80 to get that, among other features). There are remote control sockets for autostart with Reloop media players, though.

The top panel shows some nice touches including top-mounted RCA and combi-socket inputs for two switchable Aux inputs in a “4+1″ configuration, and there’s a tone control for the headphones, which also boast split cue and both 1/8″ and 1/4” jack sockets. Another commendable feature is easily switchable classic/kill EQ.

Apart from that it appears almost exactly as you’d expect from such a mixer, with per-channel LED VUs, three-band EQ, nice loose crossfader (Innofader compatible), and an FX section up the right-hand side.


  • Inputs: 2 Phono, 7 Line, 1 Combo-Mic
  • Outputs: 1 XLR, 1 Jack, 2 RCA, 2 headphones
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • EQ range classic: +12 dB / -8 dB
  • EQ range isolator: +12 dB / -26 dB (Total Kill)
  • Dimensions: 320 x 107.5 x 386.7 mm
  • Weight: 6.8 kg


  • Classic 4+1 channel performance club mixer
  • 11 inputs, 6 outputs
  • Fully digital architecture for outstanding sound and flexibility
  • 8 high-quality performance effects in studio quality (delay, echo, reverb, gate, pitch shift, phase, bit crusher, noise)
  • Large, clearly arranged parameter display
  • Bipolar filter per channel
  • Adjustable EQ characteristics (kill & classic)
  • InnoFader compatible (RMX InnoFader available separately)
  • Crossfader assign switch per channel
  • Mic channel with 2-band EQ & talkover ”Active Ducking Technology” for mic channel
  • 2 headphones outputs (jack and mini jack)
  • Intelligent 1-knob equalizer and mono/stereo switch for headphones
  • Future-proof due to innovative, updateable firmware system (USB service port)
  • Fader & crossfader-start and curve adjust
  • Symmetrical (XLR) as well as asymmetrical (RCA) outputs

Reloop RMX-60 DJ Mixer Digital