Tama CSA15 empileur de cymbale

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Support de cymable droit TAMA pour Hi-Hat

  • Support de cymbale droit à monter sur tilter
  • Fixation sur tige de diamètre de 6mm à 8mm


Tama CSA15 Stacker support pour cymbale
Référence : 9000-0005-4301
InformationsQuickly and easily add a splash cymbal to your set-up, without having to use and extra stand. With the Tama CSA15 Cymbal Stacker you can place a small cymbal on top of a larger one. This is the ideal solution to mount, for instance, a splash on top of your crash, ride or china cymbals! The CSA15 Cymbal Stacker attaches directly to the M8 thread of your cymbal stand. Delivery includes cymbal felts, Tama’s reversible bottom cymbal cup and Tama’s Cymbal Mate. In short, the Tama CSA15 is the perfect way to expand your array of cymbals!


  • Please note: The 4th image serves illustration purposes only. The stand and cymbals are not included!
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Garantie : Garantie 2 ans

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Tama CSA15 empileur de cymbale