Tc electronic RS410 600w 4×10 bass cabinet for vertical stacking

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TC Electronic RS410 600W 4×10 Vertical Stacking Bass Speaker Cabinet Black 8 Ohm

TC Electronic RS410 4×10 600W 8-Ohm Vertical Stacking Bass Guitar Cabinet

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We do not believe in conventions or rules. Sure, you adhere to the rules to a certain point – but then you break them! That thought is what lies behind our unique vertical stacking concept that frees up space on the stage, takes weight off your back and most importantly, lets you hear every detail of your playing without sacrificing low-end punch.

The RS cabs come in 4 models: 4×10″, 2×10″, 2×12″ or 1×12″, and you can mix and match as well as stack them both vertically and horizontally as you see fit.

Fat Tone, Skinny Weight

If you have a crew of roadies to handle your gear, weight is not a concern of course, but if you have to handle your own rig after a long gig, you know that a 130 lbs. 8×10″ cab can suddenly transform itself from a source of sound to Mission Impossible…

Enter our RS cabs. They pack some serious power, but that does not translate into serious weight! In fact, you’ll find it a breeze to load and unload the van when you’re gigging with our range of RS bass cabs.

Dual Drive

No, we’re not talking about overdrive here… When we decided to get into making bass cabs, we did it like we do everything we attempt: 100%. Otherwise, what’s the point?

So we teamed with the speaker gurus over at Eminence to design a dual-concentric driver that fits a 1″ tweeter inside the main driver.

You may not be able to see it, but it’s definitely there making those crispy highs that add a touch of magic to your tone. ¬†

Tc electronic RS410 600w 4×10 bass cabinet for vertical stacking